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Mia's Army

Mia's Army continues to march in the OIUF Walk for Vision in support of the fine work being done on behalf of patients like Mia. The research done by the Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation is part of the reason Mia can see today. Never ever take your vision for granted.
We hope you will consider donating to this organization!!!
Love, Mia's Army

Andrea Patisteas
  • TRTony Resendes
  • MRMia Resendes
  • APAlicia Pereira
  • CPCynthia Patistea
  • MFMichael Finnerty
  • ZNZenaide Noia
  • VNVictor Noia
  • TPTheresa Patistea
  • JRJoseph Resendes
  • STSteven Tallarida
  • STSusanne Tallarida
  • STSophie Tallarida
  • CTChloe Tallarida
  • KBKaren Baraona


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