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Walk for Vision

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How many steps can you take to help cure ocular inflammatory diseases?

The Walk for Vision is a 5k walk taking place in both Boston and New Jersey with the goal of raising money for the OIUF's ground breaking efforts in research and education of ocular inflammatory diseases.

The Boston Walk is August 21st and the NY/NJ Walk is September 18th.

In order to have the $60 walk fee waived, a minimum of $75 must be raised. Teams must raise a minimum of $75 per team member to waive the walk fee of $60 per team member. The walk fee will be charged as recommitment. See the FAQs for more information on the walk fee and how to get it waived.

The Walk for Vision encourages individual walkers to reach the goal of raising $500 and team walkers to reach the goal of raising $2,500. The money raised will go towards the funding of the ground breaking research and education efforts at The Ocular Immunology and Uveitis Foundation. 


There are many reasons why our walkers come back every year. Learn about why they walk.